The Hair Transplant Procedure With No Time Off Work

The Hair Transplant Procedure With No Time Off Work

No Time Off Work

A traditional hair transplant procedure such as FUT or “strip procedure” does require time off work. This technique involves a large incision at the back of the head to remove a section of hair follicles, which is then stitched back together. Recovery and time off work (typically at least a couple of weeks) is needed to recover and let the scar heal. Thankfully, today there are more innovative, less invasive options. Today’s most advanced hair transplant technique is so delicate, you may not need to take any time off work.

We explain the most delicate and advanced technique below and why it could save you a long recovery period.

Factors That Influence Recovery Time

Firstly, it helps to understand what affects the recovery time from a hair restoration procedure. Factors to consider:


Good preparation

Being well prepared and informed prior to your procedure will help reduce the risk of complications such as infection, excessive bleeding, poor healing or reactions to the anaesthetic for example. 


Follicle extraction – FUT, FUE or Gro Microsurgery

  • Whether or not you will have an incision, and size of the incision impacts recovery time. 
  • Whether the extraction of follicles is performed by a doctor, technician or robot affects the level of trauma and hence healing time to the donor area. Due to the poor extraction numbers associated with FUE, clinics have introduced a motorised extraction tool to speed up the process. The positives are higher graft counts, however this is negated by the increased tissue trauma, slower healing times, reduction in follicle survival rate and increased scarring.
  • Procedures that require you to shave your head will extend the amount of time off work to allow the hair to re-grow to cover the treatment area.


For more information on the differences between techniques, read our blog: FUT, FUE, Gro – Hair Transplant Differences Explained


Follicle implantation

Whether or not reception holes are created in the treatment area will not only impact recovery time, but also the final result. Reception holes that are larger than the follicle don’t have a tight grip on the implant and allow little control over the angle of the hair. Much care needs to be taken during recovery not to dislodge the grafts.


Post-operative care

An informative post-operative instruction pack and follow up appointments are essential to achieve the best result. One of the key reasons why overseas transplant procedures fail is due to the lack of post-operative care.


How To Minimise Recovery Time

Choosing a well-established and experienced clinic, along with the following attributes will help you to minimise any time off work and recovery period from your hair restoration procedure:

  • Most delicate, least invasive technique for follicle extraction and implantation. Avoid FUT (strip procedure) and motorised FUE procedures.
  • No need to shave your head before the procedure
  • Excellent pre and post-operative care
  • Being in good general health, with no pre-existing medical conditions and following your clinic’s pre and post-operative instructions.  


Gro Micro-transplant – Considered The Most Advanced Technique

Hair Implantation using the Gro micro-transplant technique is the most advanced and delicate technique as there are no incisions, no stitches, no detectable scarring and it is a very comfortable procedure. Motorised extraction is banned and the follicles are extracted with a specialised tool, less than 1mm in diameter, designed to delicately extract the hair follicle so that the scalp heals with no detectable scarring. In many cases, there is no need to shave your head before the procedure.

Gro are the only hair transplant clinics in Australia to store the grafts in a growth solution called HypoThermosolTM which sustains the survival rate of the hairs by up to 100%. The grafts are implanted using another specialised tool that allows the Gro Certified Doctor to precisely control the density, angle, depth and direction of each and every hair, ensuring you a completely natural result.

Gro procedures are performed by a Doctor from start to finish to ensure consistency and quality. 

From the time you first contact Gro Australia, to the time that you have your last follow-up appointment, you will feel comfortable and in good hands. Gro facilities are second to none and patient care is our number one priority.

Gro Australia are the only hair restoration clinic in Australia to GUARANTEE natural results.

natural results guarantee


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