Latest Trend – Hairline Redesign

Latest Trend – Hairline Redesign

Has your hairline taken a walk, or shifted to an exaggerated ‘M’ shape? There are two key features that can really define your face – eyebrows and hairline. Besides from some occasional grooming, men rarely need to worry about the shape or colour of their eyebrows, however the appearance of your hairline is significant. A thinning or receding hairline adds years to your face.

Recent research shows that three quarters of Australian men now think it’s acceptable to have treatments to address the signs of ageing. A key consideration for men is the ability to portray a more youthful appearance when competing in the workplace. In this article we discuss the options for improving your hairline to give your face a more defined, younger appearance.

Latest Trend - Hairline Redesign

Hairline Redesign

The most effective treatment for a receding hairline is a hairline redesign. This involves carefully removing donor hair follicles from the back of the head and delicately transplanting them to the front to give a structured and more aesthetically pleasing hairline.

Through early preventative action, our doctors are able to redesign the hairline and thicken affected areas before it’s too late. Gro Hair Implantation treatment has been specially designed to provide patients with natural results that will continue to grow for a lifetime. This is not a full hair transplant but a smaller implantation session.

Filling in balding patches and strengthening the hairline so that it can be styled appropriately helps men to regain their confidence. 

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Growth Factor Therapy

If you’re not quite at the stage of a hair transplant or hairline redesign, Growth Factor Therapy featuring Factor4 could be an option for you. Growth factors are natural body components that stimulate the growth and proliferation of cells that heal and repair. They are used in hair restoration procedures to stimulate new hair growth.

For a natural solution to thinning hair and to avoid daily medication or lotions, Growth Factor Therapy featuring Factor4 has the following benefits:

  • 100% natural (growth factors isolated from your own blood) with no side effects
  • Treatment is once a month vs daily or twice daily
  • Minimally invasive vs traditional PRP – Factor4 is done by combining fractional skin needling
  • More effective than traditional PRP – when combined with fractional skin needling, all the weak hair follicles are treated. The smaller platelet size of Factor4 allows for it to be absorbed into the scalp more efficiently and avoids invasive subdermal injections.

This effective treatment can be used to both strengthen hair follicles and to rejuvenate dormant hair follicles to trigger the growth of new hair. 

Why Choose Gro for your Hairline Transplant?

1) Procedures done by a Gro Doctor, not technicians 

2) Minimum handling of hair follicles results in high survival rate 

  • achieving constantly over 90% survival rate vs industry rates that fluctuate between 50-90% 
  • need for less donor hairs 
  • this is important as only the surviving hair is worth paying for 

3) Gro micro-transplant technique – the most delicate hair transplant method

  • no scalpels 
  • no stitches 
  • virtually pain free 
  • no detectable scarring
  • short recovery time (you may even return to work the next day)

4) HypothermosolTM

  • Gro are the only hair transplant clinics in Australia that use HypothermosolTM in our hair transplants. Which sustains the survival rate of the hairs up to 100%.

5) Natural results GUARANTEED 

  • implantation of the hair follicles happens with a specialised implanter tool, which allows our specialist Gro doctor to control the angle, direction and depth of the implanted hair unlike any other hair transplant technique
  • your results are guaranteed to look natural

Next Steps

If you want to restore and strengthen your hairline, come in for a consultation where your hairline will be assessed by a professional and you can discuss the look you want to achieve. Simply click on one of the buttons below to book or ask a question. Alternatively, you can call Gro on 1300 787 563

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