How To Regrow Your Own Hair & Say Goodbye To The Hat

How To Regrow Your Own Hair & Say Goodbye To The Hat

If you’ve found yourself wearing a hat as often as you wear pants due to a lack of hair up top, you may be contemplating a solution that will give you the liberty to become hat-free. Forget shaving your head, wearing a wig and those dreadful hair plugs, think Gro micro-transplant, where your barber won’t even be able to tell you’ve had a hair transplant or hairline redesign.

How To Regrow Your Own Hair & Say Goodbye To The Hat

Going Bald Is Not Definitive

Many men allow themselves to go bald simply because they don’t know about their options. When you hear the words “hair transplant,” it can conjure images of an orange-peel looking hairline or hair that grows in the wrong direction, looking noticeably abnormal.

Now, Direct Implantation micro-transplant offers results that look so completely natural, it’s guaranteed.


Say Goodbye To The Hat

Gro micro-transplant gives you the freedom to ditch the hat and regrow your own hair. Balding resistant hair follicles are transplanted from the sides and/ or back of your scalp to the treatment area. The implanted follicles grow as normal, in the same direction and angle as it naturally would.

With 100% natural looking results, you can redesign your hairline, fill-in bald patches and add density to thinning hair. Have a look at the life changing results, achieved in a single session, in the before and after pictures below. 

hair transplant patient

Jonathan's before and after photos 12 months post hair transplant

To see our hair transplant before and after photo and video galleries, click here. To see examples of hair restoration cost, click here.


Take Care of Yourself

Hair is normally first on the chopping block when your body isn’t getting enough nutrients to sustain optimal function. Taking better care of yourself is not only good for your body and mind, it’s also good for your hair! Remember to relax, eat properly and exercise.

Stress triggers the hormone cortisol, which leads to increased levels of adrenaline, testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is considered a key offender in hair loss as it causes hair follicles to shrink.

Eating a protein-rich, mineral and nutrient rich diet will give your hair the building blocks that it needs for improved growth. Exercise boosts the immune system and increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the scalp.


Gro Micro-transplant

Your barber won’t even be able to tell that you’ve had Gro micro-transplant. The Gro hair transplant technique is so delicate that some patients return to work the next day.

The finest tools are used to extract the follicles (the procedure uses 100% your own hair) and implant them into the treatment area, matching the angle and direction of how your hair would naturally grow.


Book Your Consultation

For a correct diagnosis for your hair loss and personalised information and treatment options, the first step is to book a consultation with a Gro hair growth specialist in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne.

Simply click on one of the buttons below to book a consultation or ask a question. Alternatively, you can call our friendly team on 1300 787 563.

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