Differences Between Hair Plugs and Micro-transplant Explained

Differences Between Hair Plugs and Micro-transplant Explained

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When you hear the words “hair transplant,” do you automatically think “hair plugs?” Comparing traditional hair plugs to today’s most advanced hair transplant technique is like comparing a man-kini to boardshorts – one option is unequivocally easier on the eye than the other!

The number one aim for a hair transplant is for it to look 100% completely natural. From your final result, your barber or hairdresser shouldn’t even be able to tell that you’ve had a procedure from the final result of a hair transplant. This is something that hair plugs will never achieve. The trick is to implant the follicles so delicately that the surrounding skin remains smooth and in such a way that the angle and direction of the hair matches that of the surrounding hair (or the way that the hair would naturally grow).


Why Hair Plugs Look So Unnatural

Hair plugs are a very outdated form of hair transplant. The process involves using a 3-4mm “punch” to remove a group of hair follicles, usually around 20 hairs, from the back or sides of the head. The groups of follicles, or the “plugs” are then transplanted into slits or circles in the balding part of the scalp. The wounds would either be stitched or left to heal on their own, typically resulting in noticeable, circular scars.

The main reason why hair plugs look so unnatural is due to the transplanted hair growing clumped together and all lined up in rows like doll hair. The hairline too abrupt and the direction of the hair not blending with the natural hair.


Why Micro-transplant Results Look So Completely Natural

Gro Micro-transplant is the most advanced form of hair transplant. Very fine tools, less than 1mm in diameter are used to extract and implant the follicles, resulting in no detectable scarring. The implanted hairs match the depth, angle and direction of the natural hair to blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair. 

Gro are the only clinics in Australia to guarantee 100% natural looking results. To view our before and after photo gallery, click here.

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