Global vs Local Hair Transplant Clinics – Pros & Cons

Global vs Local Hair Transplant Clinics – Pros & Cons

You have made the decision to restore your lost hair with a permanent hair transplant. Great, but how do you choose the best hair transplant clinic? There’s a lot to think about when choosing a clinic for your hair transplant procedure such as the technique the clinic uses, qualifications of the person doing the procedure, clinic reviews, cost, and how personalised the procedure is going to be and you will need to consider whether you should go with a global or Australian provider.

In this article, we discuss the benefits and shortfalls of local versus global hair transplant clinics to assist you when making this decision.

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Pros & Cons of Global vs Local

Benefits of Local

Local, or Australia-based hair transplant clinics have the following advantages:

  • More freedom to customise treatments for each individual. This is so important as every single patient is unique and every procedure must be completely tailored to the individual. It’s common for global companies to have a specific way to treat patients, for the benefit of the company rather than the patient.
  • A better and more in-depth understanding of the results expected by the local patients.
  • The opportunity to be more competitive and be better value as local clinics don’t need to pay big royalties or fees to the parent company.

Gro has clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast, offering the most refined hair transplant technique and natural results are guaranteed. All procedures are completed 100% by a specialised doctor.


Benefits of Global

  • Global companies typically have a larger marketing budget, than local companies, therefore tend to be more well-known.
  • More clinic locations to choose from.
  • Standardised processes and procedures (which can also be a drawback).


Shortfalls of Local

  • Smaller marketing budget means you may not have heard much about them before.
  • Fewer clinic locations to choose from.


Shortfalls of Global

  • The ability to personalise and tailor treatments is often restricted.
  • Procedures are typically more expensive as treatment cost needs to cover royalties and fees charged by the parent company.
  • Aftercare is not always available or adequate enough as there are no local clinics or customer care.


Next Step – Get Gro(ing)

Gro® exists to make sure you get the right treatment for you, based on your goals and stage of your hair loss. Unlike other online clinics, Gro® also offers in-clinic treatments and advice in-person, should you need them, as well as access to proven prescription treatments online which start from $1.50 per day, delivered to your door.

Gro® focus solely on helping you to Gro your own hair back with complete hair loss solutions including:

  • Hair care products
  • Online prescription hair loss solutions
  • Non-surgical hair loss solutions
  • The most refined micro-transplant hair transplants


Book Your Consultation

When you are considering hair loss correction treatment, it’s important to speak with a hair restoration specialist so you can receive and correct diagnosis and information tailored specifically to your hair loss. During your consultation, you can ask lots of questions about the clinic, the technique, recovery, expected results and who will be performing the procedure. For personalised treatment information, book a consultation with a Gro hair expert. You can book an online video consultation or come into clinic. Simply click on one of the buttons below to book a consultation or ask a question. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 787 563.

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