What To Expect After Your Micro-transplant Hair Transplant

What To Expect After Your Micro-transplant Hair Transplant

Hair loss is something most people associate with growing older. By the age of 50, at least 50% of all men will be experiencing some degree of hair loss, whether it is a receding hair line, or thinning out on top. If you’re a guy who feels like you are just reaching your peak – physically, socially or in your career, the last thing you want is to look older than you feel.

If you have been considering hair transplant options, a Hair Implantation with us could be the solution to your hair loss problem. It is a safe, effective and most importantly, permanent treatment for hair loss.

During Hair Implantation we use a specialised tool to remove healthy hair follicles safely and with minimal damage to the follicles and surrounding scalp. The follicles are kept in a solution that maximises their survival while they are outside the body. We use another specialised implanter tool, to control depth, angle and direction of implant, so your new hairs grow as your natural hairs. There are no stitches and no scars with a Hair Implantation, so you recover quickly.

Micro-transplant Hair Transplant

Our procedures is performed under a local anaesthetic, and can consist of a single session of up to 8 hours, or several sessions over 2 days, depending on the size of the treatment area. It is possible to go back to work the following day, but most of our clients opt to take the next week off work to maximise their recovery.


After A Treatment 

As with any procedure, to make sure that you get the best results from your treatment, it’s important that you follow the instructions provided by the clinic. We will provide you with a Post-Operative pack containing sterile saline (salty water) to keep the recipient area moist and some medication to reduce inflammation and the risk of infection (antibiotics). You won’t be able to smoke or consume alcohol for 7 days post-treatment while on the antibiotics.

To make sure the grafted hair follicles remain healthy in the weeks and months following your procedure you will need to:

  • avoid sun exposure (wear loose-fitting hats) and swimming for 2 weeks, and intense exercise (like weights) for 4 weeks
  • start applying Minoxidil (5%) cream twice a day onto a dry scalp 10 days post-treatment to preserve the non-grafted hair follicles
  • avoid any other chemicals on your scalp, such as hair products or anti-dandruff shampoo for a month post-treatment
  • contact us immediately for advice if you notice anything unexpected or if you think you may have an infection

You may notice new hair grows for about a month and then seems to stop. This is normal. You can expect to see new growth again 3-4 months post treatment, an obvious difference at 6 months and complete results anywhere from 9 months to a year post-treatment.

Our Hair Implantation is a very safe procedure with low risk of complications, and a very high rate (over 90%) of hair survival. The micro-transplant, direct implantation method is superior to other hair transplant methods currently available so let us show you how we can help restore your hair and your confidence, permanently.


Next Steps 

If you suffer from hair loss, answer these 3 questions to discover the best treatment option for you. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 787 563 so we can answer any questions you have and show you how we can provide a natural, permanent solution to your hair loss.

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