Hair Transplants Gone Wrong – Consumer Warning

What would it mean if you got a bad hair transplant?… Hair standing straight up on end, poor hair follicle survival rate, scarring, pain, damage to the donor area ruining the possibility of a future transplant….the list goes on. 

The motivating reason for getting a hair transplant is to look good, to improve confidence and self-esteem. So why do people risk having a cheap procedure when so much relies on achieving an aesthetically pleasing and natural looking result? False promises from sub-par clinics is one reason, another is that people suffering from psychological stress caused by hair loss can be “ready for anything” to try and alleviate their suffering. The most important step is to first speak to a hair loss expert to understand the cause of your hair loss and to discuss the various treatment options available to you.

Hair Transplants Gone Wrong – Consumer Warning

Warning Signs To Look Out For

When researching your hair restoration options, there are some things that you need to prioritise to ensure the best result:

Natural Results

A bad transplant can look just as bad as a bad wig. To save cost, some clinics use technicians rather than doctors and even worse, they can use two technicians to do the implantation so you end up with half a head of hair on one angle and the other half on a slightly different angle.

Care of the Follicles

Taking the utmost of care of the follicles during extraction and implantation affects the survival rate. There should be minimal handling of the follicles and they should be stored in a growth solution whilst waiting for implantation.

Care of the Donor Area

Scarring in the donor area poses two significant issues; 1) the scar may be visible under short hair, and 2) the damage may result in inadequate follicles being available for use if a second transplant is needed in the future.

Why Choose Gro New Zealand?

1) Procedures done by a Gro Certified Doctor, not technicians 

2) Minimum handling of hair follicles results in high survival rate 

  • achieving constantly over 90% survival rate vs industry rates that fluctuate between 50-90% 
  • need for less donor hairs 
  • this is important as only the surviving hair is worth paying for 

3) Refined technique – the most delicate hair transplant method

  • no scalpels 
  • no stitches 
  • virtually pain free 
  • no detectable scarring
  • short recovery time (you may even return to work the next day)

4) HypothermosolTM

  • Gro are the only hair transplant clinic in New Zealand that use HypothermosolTM in our hair transplants. Which sustains the survival rate of the hairs up to 100%.

5) Natural results GUARANTEED 

  • implantation of the hair follicles happens with a special implanter tool, which allows our specialist Gro doctor to control the angle, direction and depth of the implanted hair unlike any other hair transplant technique
  • your results are guaranteed to look natural

hair transplant natural results guarantee

Next Steps

Gro are the hair restoration specialists with all procedures are performed by a highly-skilled Gro Certified Doctor. You can contact a hair restoration specialist in any of our Gro clinics for hair transplant Auckland.

To book an appointment for your hair loss diagnosis, simply click on one of the buttons below to book a consultation online now or ask a question. Alternatively, you can call Gro New Zealand on (09) 887 4474.

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