Ankur "Accountant from The Block" Hair Transplant Transformation

Ankur "Accountant from The Block" Hair Transplant Transformation

Ankur and Sharon, the dynamic duo from The Block 2022, recently embarked on a hair restoration journey that promises to change Ankur's life. Their choice? The renowned hair transplant clinic Gro, where they received expert care and underwent a remarkable transformation. In this blog post, we'll take you through Ankur's hair transplant experience and how Gro's team skillfully implanted over 5,900 hairs in a single day, ensuring a lush and thick result in just 12 months.

Ankur's Hair Journey

Ankur, an accountant by trade, is married to the talented actor Sharon Johal, Ankur found himself in the spotlight as they both participated in The Block 2022. While it was a memorable experience, it also highlighted a concern for Ankur – his receding hairline.

Ankur's hair issues became more noticeable during their time on national television when the wind had a knack for tousling his hair daily. Despite his confidence, Ankur decided it was time to take action, not for vanity, but to feel better about himself.

Choosing Gro for Ankur's Hair Transplant - A Safe Bet

Ankur and Sharon conducted extensive research on hair restoration options. They came across numerous options, even some overseas, but one name consistently stood out – Gro. A close friend had undergone successful hair transplant surgery at Gro, which provided them with firsthand knowledge of the process and its effectiveness.

What set Gro apart for the couple was our local presence and the peace of mind that came with knowing they would receive top-notch care. The couple had many discussions at home, acknowledging the stigma around hair transplant procedures. They realised it was a personal decision that should be made for one's own well-being, not to satisfy others' expectations.

Meet the Gro Team in Melbourne

On the day of the procedure, Ankur met Dr. Diana and the Gro team. Dr. Diana, a hair transplant doctor, explained the plan to correct Ankur's frontal hairline and reinforce the frontal region, framing his face better.

The Procedure - A Smooth Experience:

Ankur underwent a hair transplant procedure that involved extracting 5,910 hairs from the donor area at the back and skillfully implanting them into the frontal region. Despite initial anxiety, Ankur found the procedure surprisingly smooth. The local anesthetic made the experience virtually painless, and the banter with the Gro team kept him relaxed throughout.

The Unexpected Ease:

Ankur admitted to feeling some anxiety before the procedure. However, he was pleasantly surprised by the seamless transition from start to finish. From medication to pre and post-care, Gro's team had it all covered. Shaving the donor area was just a minor step in the journey to restoring his hairline.

Reflecting on the Journey:

As Ankur reflected on his hair restoration journey, he couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't made this decision sooner. With Gro's expert care, professionalism, and the ease of the process, he realised that achieving a more confident self was within reach.


Ankur's hair transplant transformation by Gro is a testament to the power of making personal decisions for self-improvement. The stigma surrounding hair transplant procedures should not deter anyone from pursuing a path to greater confidence and self-assuredness. With the right team, like the professionals at Gro, it's not only possible but also a smooth and rewarding journey towards a lush and thick head of hair. We look forward to seeing Ankur's remarkable transformation over the next 12 months and wish him and Sharon all the best on this exciting journey.


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