What Is This ‘Old Medicine That Grows New Hair’ That You’re Seeing Everywhere?

What Is This ‘Old Medicine That Grows New Hair’ That You’re Seeing Everywhere?

If you have hair loss and you’ve been on the internet lately, you may have seen the hype around the “old drug that grows new hair for pennies”. It was written about in the New York Times, then consequently picked up by Lad Bible and The Daily Mail.


The gist of the article is this: there are numerous expensive magic potions out there that claim to help with hair loss but are practically useless. However, there’s a cheap medication that is proven to grow more hair – but it's just been sitting on the pharmacy shelves since the 80s.


What is this old, mysterious treatment?


There are only two active ingredients proven to treat hair loss. So, if you’re treating hair loss through Gro Online Care, you’re probably already on this treatment! If you’d like to find out more about it and discuss it with a doctor, it’s as easy as starting your online consultation here.


But if you’re still not sure what we’re talking about, here’s an explainer.


What is this “old medicine that grows new hair”?


Due to Australian law, we can’t name the treatment here. But, we’ll explain where it came from and what it can do. We also recommend reading the original piece in The New York Times.


This treatment consists of one of the two active ingredients clinically proven to treat hair loss. The active ingredient in the treatment we’re talking about here starts with the letter M.


It was originally developed as a pill to treat high blood pressure, but patients noticed it prompted hair growth too! So, the manufacturer developed a topical lotion to treat hair loss.


But, many patients stopped using it because they didn’t like leaving the sticky substance in their hair.


So, some doctors began prescribing low doses of oral tablets for hair loss. In a low dose, the oral tablets made patients’ hair grow but didn’t affect their blood pressure. What's more, the oral treatment turned out to be more effective for more people!


Now, a rising number of dermatologists are prescribing low-dose pills to patients with male and female pattern hair loss.


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This treatment could be as simple as taking a daily capsule


Why don’t more people know about it already?


Genetic hair loss is pretty much considered just an aesthetic issue. Of course, it’s not a health threat, but it can cause emotional distress, and many people with hair loss would just rather keep their hair.


The problem is that many GPs don’t have in-depth knowledge about hair loss treatments. Doctors who don’t specialise in hair loss are likely not familiar with the oral form of the treatment. It’s an off-label treatment, as many treatments in dermatology are.


Who is this treatment for?


The treatment is intended for people with male or female pattern hair loss, meaning genetic hair loss.


If you’re a man losing hair in a pattern that looks an awful lot like your bald dad or grandad, that’s you! For women, genetic hair loss looks like overall thinning and a widening part, but more factors must be ruled out for diagnosis.


It’s ideal for people who have already lost some hair, enough for a casual observer to notice but are not completely bald. When all that’s left is a shiny scalp, there’s just nothing to restore.


That being said, when someone is too far gone to have satisfying results with medication, a hair transplant may still be an option.


Why should I get it from Gro?


As mentioned before, there are only two clinically proven active ingredients that help with hair loss. Any hair loss specialist doctor will be offering the same treatments. There are other, non-medical products out there that claim to help with hair loss, but unfortunately are just money-grabbing scams.


So, why get this treatment from us, then? There are other online services out there. The difference with Gro is that we offer help with every stage of hair loss.


If you’ve lost a fair bit of hair already, you’ll likely need a combination of medical treatment and a hair transplant to restore your younger look. When you become a patient with Gro Online Care, every cent you spend accrues reGro™ credit for a hair transplant.


So, if you decide to have a hair transplant in the future, everything you’ve spent with us online is deducted from the price! No other company offers the same value.


Getting started with treatment from Gro Online Care now pays off – not only will it improve thickness and stop further hair loss, but it also future-proofs your options and your hair for life.


Start your Gro Online Care consultation today.




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Old medicine that costs pennies can restore hair loss, doctors find (Lad Bible)

Medicine known for decades and costing 57 cents a day can restore lost hair, doctors find - but only works in most patients when it is taken as a pill rather than an ointment (The Daily Mail)

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