Khanh Ong’s Hair Transplant with Gro Clinics

Khanh Ong’s Hair Transplant with Gro Clinics

You’ve probably seen Khanh Ong on your TV screen. A chef, one of the most beloved contestants of MasterChef Australia, published author and content creator, Khanh’s list of achievements is impressive. Most of all, his known for his infectious smile and cheeky sense of humour.


Recently Khanh chose to go ahead with a hair transplant, a decision he’s been happy to speak up about.


He’d spent five years watching his hairline creep back and his hair thin out on top. Working on TV, it’s impossible to ignore!


After doing some research and comparing clinics, Khanh chose to come to Gro. Here’s why he did it, what made him choose Gro, what his procedure was and how the results are looking so far.




Why Khanh decided to get a hair transplant


Khanh isn’t ashamed to admit hair is a big part of his identity. When he noticed he was losing it, he started Googling treatments.


He tried everything, but ultimately nothing could bring the lost hair back.


“I’ve tried vitamins, medication, ointments, products and laser/ light therapies but nothing really grows more hair than you have. It just either keeps it or thickens the hairs on your head in the existing areas,” Khanh shared on his Instagram account.


Having done his research, he knew a hair transplant procedure would be the only real solution to the problem. But, it was hard to find a good time for the procedure, as Khanh wasn’t keen on shaving his head due to his work as a presenter.


Ultimately, he chose to go with Gro as our team was able to tailor the procedure to his needs. He could get an undercut for the procedure, rather than a fully shaved head.


“Whenever I watch myself on TV I literally stare at my hairline trying to figure out how to fix it. Hopefully, by the end of this, I won’t be looking anymore and I’ll be super happy,” he told us.




What procedure did Khanh have done?


The hair transplants at Gro are a more refined version of the FUE hair transplant technique called PFP (short for Precise Follicle Placement).


In PFP, hair follicles are extracted one by one using very fine tools that leave no scarring behind, which helps cut down recovery time. The Gro hair transplant doctor implants the hairs one by one, creating a natural look that blends in with the rest of the hair perfectly.


Khanh flew up to Brisbane to have a one-day max extraction procedure in the hands of Dr Ruk and the Gro Brisbane team. The extracted donor hairs were then placed across his hairline, mid-zone and crown.


On the day, Khanh was feeling confident.


“I’m just more excited to get it done, out of the way, so I can move on and not think about it anymore,” he said.




So, how are things looking for Khanh now?


Khanh has posted on social media throughout the recovery period, not shy to show the early stages. So far, he’s loving the results.


The Gro hair transplant journey doesn’t end when the procedure is done. Our aftercare treatments and follow-up appointments are part of the process, ensuring fast healing and optimal results.


With Khanh, the swelling was gone by day six, and the redness and scabbing by day 10. After that, it was pretty much impossible to tell he had had a hair transplant at all!


Khanh’s full results will take up to a year, but he can already see where his new hairline will be, which is always exciting.


“Honestly, I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done,” he said.


We look forward to seeing Khanh’s progress all the way up to the full results.


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