How To Reduce Forehead Size With Hairline Lowering

How To Reduce Forehead Size With Hairline Lowering

Is your forehead always part of the action? In Zoom conferences, when looking in the mirror or in photos, do you find your forehead is centre stage and looking larger than you’d like? You’re not alone. Hairline lowering micro-transplant procedures are fast becoming the latest trend for people of all ages and it achieves fantastic, permanent results.

If you’ve always had a high hairline, or if your hairline is receding, and you’re self-conscious about having a large forehead, you’ll want to know about Gro micro-transplant hairline lowering. In this article, we explain how it works and how you can find out if it’s right for you.

Hairline in Mirror

What is Hairline Lowering / Forehead Reduction?

Hairline lowering, or hairline redesign, is a micro-surgical procedure to reduce the size of the forehead. Hair grafts are transplanted from the back and sides of the scalp (areas resistant to balding) to an aesthetically crafted, new hairline. The grafts can be transplanted lower than the hairline you were born with and perfectly positioned to grow and look completely natural. In fact, we guarantee natural results.

How Low Can My New Hairline Go?

It would look unnatural to have your hairline too low. A good way to check where your forehead finishes and your scalp begins is to look in the mirror and raise your eyebrows. Slightly above your highest forehead wrinkle is typically where your scalp begins. It would look weird of you had hair growing out of forehead wrinkles! If you’ve had some forehead tox, you’ll need to wait til it wears off to do this check, or simply book a consultation (online or in-clinic) with a Gro Hair Growth Specialist who can discuss with you what your new hairline could look like.

forehead reduction procedure

Does Hairline Lowering Work in Places Where There Wasn’t Hair Before?

Yes! Many of our forehead reduction patients have never had hair where their new hairline now exists. During transplantation, the entire root is also transplanted along with the hair follicle, therefore it can continue to grow in its new location, for life. The result from a hairline lowering micro-transplant procedure is permanent.


How Old Do I Need To Be?

One of our most recent patients for forehead reduction procedure is 23. He had noticed his hairline receding for several years and decided to fix it permanently. We see people as young as 16, however you need to keep in mind that a hair restoration procedure may not be the best solution at that time. At Gro, we offer a complete range of solutions to not only replace hair that has been lost, but also to maintain and manage what you have. We work with each patient as an individual and offer them the best tailored solution. The first step is to book a consultation with a Hair Growth Specialist, or answer 3 simple questions to find out your best next step.


Before & After

Jonathan's before and after photos 12 months post hair transplant

* Please note that results vary from patient to patient.


Book Your Consultation

Book a consultation with a Gro Hair Growth Specialist to find out how a Gro micro-transplant hairline lowering procedure could help you achieve a smaller forehead. You can book an online video consultation or come into clinic. Simply click on one of the buttons below to book a consultation or ask a question. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 787 563.

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