Hair Loss Clinics: Generalist vs Specialist

Hair Loss Clinics: Generalist vs Specialist

Until now, there has been two key players in the hair loss industry, but the questions we need to ask are, “Is this due to a huge marketing budget?”, “Has there been a lack of competition?”, or “Are they actually good at what they do?” With celebrities and famous sportsmen as the ‘face’ of a clinic, it’s clear that significant marketing budgets are at play.

By definition, a specialist is, “A person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.” If hair loss clinics don’t specialise, then by default, they are generalist. Consider a generalist hair loss clinic that spends most of their time selling hair loss products and medications, some of their time offering prosthetic hair pieces and a minor amount of time doing hair transplants. Compare this to a specialist hair transplant clinic that does hair transplants 100% of the time. Which one would you choose to have a once-in-a-lifetime hair transplant with?

Hair Loss Clinics: Generalist vs Specialist

Generalist Hair Loss Clinics

Generalist hair loss clinics tend to be vague in what they offer, such as “hair loss treatments”, or have a long list of treatments with names that don’t mean anything to consumers. Until you go in for a consultation, you don’t know if they offer lotions, medications, growth factor therapy, hair pieces, synthetic hair grafts or hair transplants using your own hair. The results between all of these treatment options vary vastly. Do you want to be wasting your time visiting a clinic who doesn’t offer a permanent and natural solution for your hair loss?

The reason why many hair loss clinics don’t communicate openly online about their treatments is because they have something to hide. For example, using artificial hair for hair transplants rather than a patients’ own hair. Some clinics hide behind clever marketing, making a procedure sound perfect, but in the fine print, they may have “requires ongoing maintenance” or not even mention that the hair is artificial. You should be able to research treatment options, find out exactly what’s involved and what result to expect before you even go into a clinic. That’s where specialist hair loss clinics such as Gro Australia come in.

Specialist Hair Loss Clinics

Specialist hair loss clinics have clear communication about what they offer, and they specialise in one particular area. You wouldn’t see a general doctor for complex eye procedure, you would consult an eye doctor, as that’s what they do, day in, day out. When considering a permanent solution to hair loss, such as a hair transplant, avoid generalist clinics. At Gro, hair transplants is what we do, all day, every day. We can also advise on PRP therapy and other preventative treatment options. 

hair transplant patient


The Gro micro-transplant procedure uses your own hair follicles (harvested from areas of the scalp resistant to balding) that are transplanted to create a new hairline, add density to thinning hair and restore bald areas. The angle, depth and direction of the implanted follicles match seamlessly and natural results are guaranteed. Only a Gro Doctor completes the procedure from start to finish. The extraction and implantation of the follicles is so delicate that there is no detectable scarring. Aside from the initial numbing injection, the procedure is painless. 

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