Why a Hair Transplant Consultation Is Important

Why a Hair Transplant Consultation Is Important

After doing research online, the next step in the hair transplant journey is usually booking a consultation with a clinic.

At this stage, you might be feeling quite sure that a hair transplant is what you want. You may feel eager to fast-forward the process by getting a quote and booking in your procedure. The day of having a full head of hair back can’t come soon enough, right?

Or, you may still have doubts about whether you want to get a hair transplant. In this case, you may feel uncomfortable about the idea of walking into a clinic and meeting with a consultant. Unfortunately, some operators in the industry have been known to use aggressive sales tactics and pressure to get people to sign up before they feel comfortable in doing so.

However, a consultation is a crucial step that you shouldn’t skip – here’s why.


The consultation is for you and about you

A hair transplant consultation should first and foremost benefit you, the customer. It should be an opportunity to get personalized advice, a feel for the clinic you’re coming to and a comfortable space to ask questions.

You might be thinking ‘why can’t you just give me a price and get on with it?’ In reality, you should be wary of clinics that give you a price tag without a consultation.

These clinics are not considering your circumstances, and therefore may not be able to give you results that you’ll feel satisfied with. They probably aren’t even giving you a realistic idea of what to expect – sadly, some of them just want your money.

In a Gro consultation, a Hair Growth Specialist will estimate the degree of hair loss you have, how fast your hair loss is progressing and what areas of the scalp you are most concerned with. They’ll talk to you about your wishes, concerns and budget to determine whether we can offer you a solution that works.

To sum it up, a consultation gives you the chance to…

  • Ask questions
  • Get a feel for the clinic
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Get a personalized quote


So why isn’t a doctor or a nurse doing the consultation?

Here at Gro, our hair restoration treatments are done by health professionals – doctors and nurses. They are specialists who are highly trained in treating hair loss, whereas our consultants are specialists in introducing you to all the aspects of the hair transplant process at Gro, from timeframes to finance and more.

A hair transplant is not a medical necessity – we can live without hair. That being said, hair loss can impact a person’s confidence and mental well-being, so the decision is more of an emotional one. You’re choosing what’s important to you and what will make you happy.

The consultants are there to offer you the information that can help you make the right choice for you. They’re trained to assess your situation and then work with you to determine your goals, your budget and where the two meet.


Book your consultation today

Want to know more about hair transplants? You can book a free consultation with one of our Hair Growth Specialists, in-person or online. There’s zero obligation to follow through, and a whole lot of opportunity to get all your questions answered.

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