When Can I Expect To See The Results of a reGro™ Hair Transplant?

When Can I Expect To See The Results of a reGro™ Hair Transplant?

So you want to know how quickly you’ll be rockin’ your new do after a hair transplant? We live in a world of excess instant gratification, so it’s understandable that fast results are expected. With a reGro™ hair transplant, you get results instantly, however, there are several stages to go through before seeing full results.


Keep reading to find out the different stages of growth to expect during your recovery. We've also chucked in a few before and after images of our hair transplant patients, so you can see the results they saw at different points in time. Remember, everyone is different, so individual results will vary!


Different stages of hair transplant recovery


Stage 1: Euphoria (day 1 post-op)


Day one, the procedure is done and you’re over the moon because you once again have hair where it had been lost! Maybe you have a new hairline or density has been added to areas that were thinning. It’s an instant change to the way you look and feel and you couldn’t be happier.


Stage 2: Sprouting (2 weeks post-op)


During the first couple of weeks your new hairs are growing. You can already imagine just how awesome life is going to be with your new head of hair.



Stage 3: The ugly duckling (4-5 weeks post-op)


After several weeks of excitement you may start going through the ‘ugly ducking’ stage. It's normal for some hair to shed around 4-5 weeks after your hair transplant procedure - in fact, it happens to the vast majority of patients.


Please note, the hairs only shed, they don’t die. It's a normal part of the growth and regeneration cycle that transplanted hair goes through. After the shedding phase, the follicles go back into the growth phase, and this is when it really gets exciting!


You can see in the pictures below that Marc experienced more shedding than Jonathan – everyone's journey is different.



Stage 4: The real growth phase (3-4 months post-op)


Around three to four months after your procedure you may begin to see a true reflection of the results you’ve been anxiously waiting for. Your hair is getting longer, you're feeling great, maybe even considering a new style. And, you still have a whole lot more thickening to look forward to!



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Stage 5 – Thickening up (4-5 months post-op)


From around four to five months onwards, you'll start to really notice the new growth as your hair gets thicker. Styling your hair is now easy and fun. Your hair will get more and more dense over the next 6 months until the full results!



Stage 6: The final result (6-12 months post-op)


The final result takes up to 12 months to achieve. Some people will achieve most of their full results by 6 months, the majority of people by 9-10 months and everyone by 12 months. It depends on your own individual hair growth cycle.


The best part is that the final results are permanent, so you get to enjoy your new hair for life!


Jonathan's before and after photos 12 months post hair transplant


Benefits of a reGro™ hair transplant:


  • Gentle procedure with no cutting and no detectable scarring
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Over 95% follicle survival rates for transplanted grafts
  • Performed by registered doctors
  • Precise control over the depth, angle and direction of every hair
  • Natural-looking hairline to suit your unique features
  • Lifelong results


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