What's On Every Bald Man's Christmas Wish List

What's On Every Bald Man's Christmas Wish List

Xmas wish list


“All I want for Christmas is my mates to stop giving me stick about going bald.” This is probably one of the top Christmas wishes for men struggling with hair loss. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Christmas wishes for any balding man.

There are 6 key reasons why people go bald; genetics, stress, a poor diet, smoking, hormonal imbalances and diseases or infections. Some can be reversed, others can’t and for the hair loss causes that can’t be reversed, there’s the leading hair transplant method – Direct Implantation.


All I Want For Christmas Is…

5. A new hat

4. A new hair piece

3. No stress in my life

2. My hair to stop falling out!

1. A micro-transplant hair transplant

How To Get Your Christmas Wish

A new hat or hair piece will help to cover a bald patch, however it is really only a band-aid fix. Managing your stress, kicking the cigarettes and improving your diet is a great start and will go a long way when trying to reduce your hair loss. Depending on your hair loss diagnosis, you may even be able to stop and reverse your hair loss. 

Getting the correct diagnosis is the most important step to determine if you would benefit from one of the many hair loss treatment options available. Minoxidil foam or lotion applied twice daily can be used to slow down or prevent hair loss however it can irritate the scalp. Finasteride is a pill that has been successful in slowing hair loss however if you stop taking it, you will start losing hair again. Hair transplants are the only truly permanent solution to hair loss.

Hair Implantation will give you a 100% natural looking head of hair with no stitches and no scars. Studies by universities have found hair survival rates as high as 97% with Gro procedures. Your Gro procedure is done by a highly trained Gro doctor with specialised tools and the hair follicles are kept in a special growth solution during the procedure to keep them healthy.

Why Choose Gro?

Gro’s treatment options are personalised to individual requirements, based on sound medical knowledge and experience. If you are worried about losing your hair, or have been thinking about getting treatment for hair loss, come in for a consultation. We can give you an accurate diagnosis and answer any questions you might have about what treatment options are right for you.  

You can also visit the hair transplant Sydney or hair transplant Brisbane or hair transplant Melbourne or hair transplant Gold Coast pages for further information, or simply give Gro a call on 1300 787 563.


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