reGro™ Credit: Save up for a Hair Transplant While Treating Hair Loss

reGro™ Credit: Save up for a Hair Transplant While Treating Hair Loss

A hair transplant is the only permanent solution to hair loss, but it doesn’t come cheap – and most people don’t have the cash just lying around. That’s why we’re proud to bring our community a new offer that no other clinic provides – reGro™ credit for a hair transplant.

Here’s how it works: every cent you spend on hair loss treatments with Gro Online Care can be used as payment for a hair transplant if you choose to have one in the future. Provided you keep your subscription active the entire time, that is!

We know having a hair transplant is a big decision emotionally, financially and especially in terms of trust. So, we want to offer our clients a little help along the way.

If you’re thinking about getting a hair transplant, you can now take immediate action with prescription treatment while keeping your options open and saving up for a hair transplant in the future.


How reGro™ Credit works

1. Save up for a hair transplant with money spent on Gro Online Care treatments

Prescription hair loss treatment is mainly a preventative measure. It can thicken up your hair and prevent further hair loss, but in most cases, it won’t grow back lost hair.

The reason we recommend getting started with treatment as soon as possible is that it gives you time to consider what you want to do next. You’ll have all your options open for a hair transplant if you choose to have one in the future.

Think of it as putting money and time in the bank for your future self!


2. Prevent further hair loss and have a smaller, less expensive hair transplant in the future

A hair transplant is the only treatment that can restore hair to areas where it has already been lost. It will have your own, natural hair growing back for life, which makes it a revolutionary solution to hair loss. Our clients regularly tell us about the effects it has had on their everyday life, simply taking hair loss off their minds.


And why are we offering this, you ask?

Modern medication does wonders to stop hair loss and can even reverse some of it, but a micro-transplant hair transplant is the ultimate solution to bring hair back to areas where it has been lost completely.

Prescription treatment is first and foremost preventative – some people experience regrowth on it, but it’s most useful for stopping further hair loss. So, many people get started with treatment and then realise they also want to restore the hair they have lost with a hair transplant.

And that’s why we’re so excited to bring our community this new offering.

While it’s the most effective hair loss solution, a hair transplant is also a bigger financial investment than prescription hair loss treatment. So, many people put off the decision to get a hair transplant – all the while losing more hair. reGro™ Credit helps more people access a hair transplant while getting better value for their money.

What’s more, prescription treatment and a hair transplant together give optimal results to most people suffering from genetic pattern baldness. While the results of a hair transplant are permanent, it’s still possible to lose more hair in other areas of the scalp. Staying on hair loss treatment ensures further hair loss is halted and you get to enjoy your hair for life!

Please note: to claim this benefit, your prescription must remain active for the entire time.


What’s in it for you: just some of the perks of starting now

The easiest way to take action on hair loss

Getting started is easy with Gro Online Care – you simply fill in a short medical questionnaire, after which the doctor will contact you and prescribe the treatment if they deem you a suitable candidate.

Prescription hair loss treatment is as simple as taking a capsule a day. After your free telehealth consultation with Gro Online Care, we’ll send the treatment to your door at regular intervals of your choosing. It comes in discrete packaging so your neighbours won’t be any wiser!


Futureproof your hair

The best time to get started with hair loss treatment is now. Our proven treatments can slow down, stop or even reverse hair loss – the sooner you get started, the more hair you’ll have to work with!


You’ll need a smaller hair transplant

Less hair loss means a smaller hair transplant, which equals lower cost! Stopping hair loss in its tracks means when you do get a hair transplant in the future, you’ll need fewer donor hairs to cover the area.

Want to get started?

Want to take back control over your hair? Book a free consultation at the Gro Online Care today to get started.

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