Is the Gym Making Men Go Bald?

Is the Gym Making Men Go Bald?

We are a nation addicted to looking good. Gaining muscle at the gym can have a multitude of benefits but there’s potentially a major drawback – could lifting weights be speeding up the hair thinning process?


Men who actively keep fit and build muscle mass may be inadvertently accelerating their hair loss. In this article we discuss the impact of DHT and how it is linked to gym-goers with a receding mane. If you suffer from hair loss, answer these 3 questions to discover the best treatment option for you.


Weight-lifting and DHT


At the gym, a man’s testosterone levels can be impacted positively and negatively by different types of exercise. Cardio is believed to decrease the level of testosterone, whereas lifting weights to build muscle increases the level of testosterone. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a converted version of testosterone, and although naturally produced, it plays a key role in hair thinning and loss.


For men who are predisposed to male pattern baldness, DHT attaches itself to hair follicle receptor cells, inhibiting the absorption of essential nutrients. Over time, the hair follicles shrink, the hair thins and eventually ceases to grow.


By hitting the weights and increasing exposure to DHT, gym-goers with the genetic propensity for hair loss can risk early-onset of shedding and baldness.




If you are already suffering from hair loss and you are concerned about it, there are several solutions.


Change your workout


Adding more cardio to your workout and easing up on the weights can help to reduce the level of testosterone and DHT in your system. Avoiding shakes and supplements that contain Creatine and DHEA can also help to reduce testosterone levels.




Daily oral medication can be used to help prevent further loss. To speak to a Gro doctor online about your hair loss and possible prescription treatment options delivered to your door from the pharmacy, take this medical questionnaire and book a free online consultation with a doctor.


Hair transplant


Today, we have the option of a micro-transplant hair transplant – the most advanced and delicate hair restoration technique available. Life changing results can be achieved in a single day.


The procedure uses 100% your own hair, moving follicles from the back or sides of the head (follicles that are resistant to balding) and transplanting them to areas that are suffering thinning and loss. There are no incisions, no stitches and no scarring. The hair will continue to grow for life and Gro are the only clinics in Australia to guarantee natural results.


Book your consultation


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