Hair Transplant Diary One Man's Emotional Journey

Hair Transplant Diary One Man's Emotional Journey

hair transplant diary


Searching for a true account of a hair transplant?

Perhaps you don’t trust the highly publicised results from celebrities who endorse hair replacement following their procedure. If you are looking for a sincere review from someone who isn’t getting paid to market their results, someone who doesn’t have millions of dollars to spend on hair but who wants to stop hair loss and get back to a full head of hair, then read on.

In this article, we share some excerpts from the diary of a heart-warmingly honest Australian man, Ryan, who documents his experience in his Hair Transplant Diary. 



“It’s been a crazy 12 months full of ups and downs, but the ups have well and truly out numbered the down days that’s for sure. At this point in time I’m feeling really good about my decision to have this done, and no-one really suspects anything at all due to how natural it looks. Seeing as I have had my hair very short for so long, they all just think that I’ve grown it out.”

“….thanks for this life changing procedure. Feels so good to be able to wear my hair longer again!”

Month 7 Post Transplant: 1st December 2015

“Hi guys, and girls too! Good to see I’m getting some enquiries from not only males as this kind of procedure is great for anyone.

So here we are 7 months post HT. This was a big month for me as I’ve started growing my hair and it’s now the longest it’s been in close to 10 years. This also meant my first trip to the hairdressers to get the sides faded and blended with the top. I can also now use hair product again! I thought I’d be stuck with having to deal with just the one look for the rest of my life.”

Month 3 Post Transplant: 1st August 2015

“Well into Month 3 Post HT now and it’s really starting to come back from that horrible shed. Everyday it’s looking a little thicker and darker. Still using Minoxidil once a day at night and trying to have a high protein diet to help feed the hair as many nutrients as I can. The donor area is great now, can’t detect that any grafts were taken from there.”

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For more of Ryan’s passionate account of his transformation, you can to read his diary with photos to help you envisage the process. 

See Ryan’s Before and After Photos


The Gro Difference

From beginning to end, the Gro difference means that each client receives treatment that is tailored specifically to them and their individual circumstances. 

Diagnosis – we recognise that the correct diagnosis is the basis for successful and permanent treatment. We treat everyone as an individual. Your treatment needs will be determined by four different factors:

  • Psychological
  • Medical
  • Aesthetic
  • Mathematical (ratio of available donor follicles to area needing treatment).

Attention to detail – hair doesn’t naturally grow straight out of your head, it grows at different angles and directions. Our specially designed Implanter allows the doctor to control the depth, angle and direction of implant, so your new hair growth looks completely natural.

Quality – only Gro doctors perform the Hair Implantation procedure from start to finish, not nurses or technicians. We have strict quality control procedures to ensure that no matter which of our clinics you visit, they are all of an equally high standard. 

Survival vs Success – success can be measured by the survival rate of the transplant. We routinely achieve over 90% survival of the transplants – the industry range is 50-90%. The high rate of survival is achieved by keeping hair follicles in HypoThermosolTM solution, which has been used for several years in major organ transplant procedures. By maximising hair survival rate, we don’t need to remove and transplant as many follicles because a greater number of them will survive to produce new hair growth. This also preserves more donor follicles available for transplant in the future.

No stiches, no scars – smaller diameter tools mean less pain, less trauma and faster healing.

Permanent Solutions – we use donor follicles from areas of the hair where hair loss is rare, so the follicles are genetically programmed for survival. Your new hair will continue to grow in a natural way for the rest of your life.

Next Step

If you have been considering treatment options for hair loss, see more information on the hair transplant page or call us on 1300 787 563 so we can answer any questions you have and show you how the Gro difference can provide a natural, permanent solution to your hair loss. 

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