Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatments & Solutions

Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatments & Solutions

A woman’s hair can be one of her defining features, her ‘glory’ so to speak. So, when a woman experiences noticeable hair loss, it can be deeply distressing. Although female pattern hair loss is not uncommon, about 30% of women will experience hair loss or alopecia at some point, it can have a more significant impact on women than it does to men due to social expectations.

Female pattern hair loss can severely impact a woman’s confidence and emotional well-being. The main type of hair loss in both women and men is androgenetic alopecia, also referred to as female (or male) pattern hair loss. The appearance or pattern of hair loss differs between men and women. For women, the hair loss begins with gradual thinning of the hair at the part line which progresses to diffuse hair loss on top and at the crown. In women, the hairline rarely recedes and seldom leads to baldness. In contrast, male pattern hair loss starts with a receding hairline and often advances to baldness.

Causes of Female Hair Loss

It’s normal for women to lose around 100 hairs a day through the shedding phase of the natural hair growth cycle. It’s when the hair loss is more than this is when a medical diagnosis is needed. It’s important to differentiate between telogen effluvium, a temporary form of hair loss, and female pattern hair loss which is permanent and progressive loss.

Potential causes of telogen effluvium include:

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy, childbirth or menopause.
  • Illness and certain medical conditions
  • Extreme physical or emotional stress
  • Certain medications and supplements

Causes of female pattern hair loss include:

  • Genetics – hereditary factors can cause permanent hair loss.
  • Ageing – balding can be caused by hormonal changes as you age.
  • Menopause – as many as two-thirds of postmenopausal women suffer thinning hair or bald spots. For some women, the hair loss caused by menopause is permanent.

If you notice abnormal hair loss, speak to a Gro Hair Growth Specialist for a correct diagnosis for your hair loss and appropriate solutions. Call 1300 787 563 to book your private consultation.

Stages of Female Hair Loss

Female pattern genetic hair loss can be categorised into three stages by using the Ludwig Classification. Mild hair loss is described as type I, moderate as type II and extensive as type III. In all three stages, the hair loss appears as diffuse thinning on top, more noticeably at the part, however the hairline remains relatively intact.

Hair Loss Treatment For Women: How To Stop Thinning Hair

The most common treatment for female hair loss is medication. For example, a medicated solution applied directly to the scalp twice a day to stimulate new growth. Gro online clinic helps you access proven prescription medical hair loss treatments to stop hair loss by connecting you to a specialist hair loss doctor and a registered compounding pharmacy.

All it takes is a 5-minute online medical survey and a free 10-minute online doctor’s appointment and you’re on the way to stop hair loss. Click here to get started.

PRP treatment can be used to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth. Not only is PRP used in vampire facials to rejuvenate ageing skin, it’s also used to treat hair loss. During treatment, a small amount of your blood is taken, spun in a centrifuge to isolate the plasma (containing growth factors) and then it’s injected into your scalp where it’s needed.

Supplements and hair care products can also assist healthy hair growth by giving the hair the nutrients and care it needs. Click here for Supplements and Everyday Products.

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Hair transplantation

The only permanent solution for female pattern hair loss is a hair transplant. Gro micro-transplant hair transplant is the most refined hair transplant technique, completed by the most highly experienced doctors using the finest tools, no scalpels, no stitches and therefore no scarring. Click here to book a Gro micro-transplant hair transplant consultation.

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