5 Men Reveal Whether the Hair Transplant Was Worth It

5 Men Reveal Whether the Hair Transplant Was Worth It

A hair transplant is a big investment both financially and emotionally, so the question many people are left asking is “will it be worth it?” The truth is, a hair transplant is not for everyone, but many of those who do decide to go ahead with one consider it the best decision they ever made.


So, which camp do you fall in? We’re here to offer you some help in the decision-making by hearing from people who have been there and done it.


Is a hair transplant worth it? 5 men share their thoughts post-procedure


Recently we held a Gro webinar where some of our real patients got to steal the spotlight. They’re just a bunch of normal guys who agreed to come on the webinar to discuss their experience of getting a hair transplant and how it has influenced their lives. None of these men were paid to be on the webinar, but all were more than happy to share their experience to help others.



Adam – 9 months post-transplant


Adam has been documenting his hair transplant journey with Gro over the past nine months (@gro.diary.adam). A hair transplant was not on his radar until his colleagues brought up the idea as a Covid-19 lockdown work project. You can read the article about his experience on The Latch.


Adam was sceptical at the start. “It’s like when you watch a magic show and you assume the people who are on it are in on it,” Adam said.


Nine months post-procedure, he’s glad to have leaped at the opportunity.


“It’s been incredible. I couldn’t recommend it more,” he gloated.


“You look back and you think about what it did affect – it definitely affects your confidence. You probably realise it more after you get it fixed, but… it’s had a huge effect.”


Another surprising effect of the hair transplant was how Adam started to see the people around him: “I’m hyper aware of people that could probably use a hair transplant!”


Talking about how his behaviour has changed after the transplant, Adam gave a very practical example of the type of situation that would have made him self-conscious about his hair loss before.


“Even in where you go sit down, you might be concerned about the crown and that it might show. You sit down now and it doesn’t matter, you can sit in any chair!”


Adam told us most people never noticed he’d had a hair transplant done during lockdown, apart from people who are thinking about getting one done themselves.


“I think those guys are like, ‘what’s going on here’.”


Even for those who knew he was getting a hair transplant, overall people have simply been amazed by the results – and the fact that hair transplants are a thing!



Nick – 12 months post-transplant


Receding hairlines run in Nick’s (@gro.diary.nick) family – his father went bald at a young age, as did his brother. Nick was aware early on that he was losing his hair and tried to cope in some of the typical ways.


“I just pulled my hair forward quite a bit to cover my receding hairline. I used to always wear a hat or a beanie.”


While Nick knew to expect the hair loss, it didn’t change the fact that it was still something constantly on his mind.


“I guess you don’t really think of it much but you are aware of it every day. When you go into the bathroom, you check your hairline,” Nick explains. “If you’re going outside you’re always thinking about if you’ve got enough product in your hair to keep it down.”


After seeing the results of his brother’s hair transplant, Nick decided to follow suit. Twelve months after the procedure, the results of his procedure are in full effect, and they’re more than physical – he felt an increase in his confidence too.


“You can get up in the morning and go for a wander outside and not even think about it,” Nick said. “That whole self-confidence is definitely there.”



Alex – 8 months post-transplant


Alex (@gro.diary.alex) is a videographer who started to rapidly lose hair at a young age. In such a visual industry, confidence is paramount, so he knew he needed to do something.


Before his hair transplant, Alex was one of those guys who used to wear a cap at all times. He says the hair transplant ended up changing him both on the inside and the outside.


“You don’t realise how much difference it makes until you take a step back and compare yourself with how you were before,” Alex told us before giving a real-life example of his new confident life. “I was walking around a bar last weekend and I stopped for a second and thought – I would have never gone and talked to those people over there when I had that fully shaved bald head!”


Working as a videographer, Alex has noticed how this newfound confidence has helped him in his career.


“I think confidence is key in any situation, not just making friends and meeting people, but also in business situations. Once you get used to that confidence snowballing, getting stronger and stronger, when you’re on the phone or talking on camera… you do it with so much certainty and it makes a big difference in every possible way.”


And when it comes to his results, Alex couldn’t be more happy.


“The results are better than what I expected. I’m at 8 months now, so I have another third of a year to go until I have full results, and if it stopped now I’d be happy!”



Nathan – 11 months post-transplant


What happens when hair is your job, your identity and your livelihood… but then you start losing it? That’s what happened to Nathan (@gro.diary.nathan), an elite hairdresser from Brisbane. He would keep his hair long and push it back to hide his thinning crown, but that didn’t stop the self-consciousness.


“I was conscious of it when I was sitting on a plane. You’re sitting down and someone’s standing behind you, that’s when I was conscious of it,” Nathan explains.


Many people tend to kick the can down the road and let their hair loss progress to an advanced stage before doing something about it. As a professional hair dresser, hair loss was not easy to accept for Nathan – which is why he didn’t wait around.


11 months ago, he decided to get ahead of the curve with a Gro hair transplant, and today, he’s glad he did: “For me the biggest thing is the time and the brain space I’ve got back.”


Nathan often gets messages on social media asking about whether the procedure is a good idea, to which he only has one thing to say: “I wish I’d done it earlier, because then it would have been a year or two less of worrying about it. To me it’s a no-brainer – it has changed my life in a such a positive way.”


“There’s really nothing more to say than it’s magic.”


Untitled design (14).png


Andrew – 2 months post-transplant


None of us expect having to deal with hair loss in our early 20s. Andrew (@gro.diary.andrew) was one of those guys who, to his shock, started to notice his hair receding at only age 20.


Early onset hair loss can feel like a cruel hand to be dealt with in life, but Andrew has managed to turn things around. Now, at 23, he is two months into his new life after his hair transplant with Gro.


When the hair loss first started back in 2018, the change in Adam’s hair was so rapid it was unmissable.


“It went from being super thick to super thin. From the second it got wet I’d be like, ‘what do I do’. I just stopped going to the beach and I love going to the beach, love swimming. I was just scared, petrified,” Adam told us.


And it wasn’t just swimming that made Andrew anxious about his hair – it was the first thing on his mind waking up in the morning.


“I’d open my phone and look at the camera and try fix it just so I wouldn’t feel insecure.”


All this meant it was an easy decision for Andrew to go ahead with a hair transplant, from his first consultation with Gro.


“I remember just sitting there and seeing where my hairline was going to be, and I was like you know what – I wake up every day and feel so insecure about my hair, it’s holding me back from doing so many things.


While some of his friends were questioning the choice, Andrew’s response was simple: “I’m going to do this and feel good about myself. Why not.”


Post-operation, he has noticed a big difference in his confidence. Although Andrew’s at the very early stages of his results, just seeing where his new hairline was going to be post-procedure was a big moment.


“For the first two weeks, I was like ‘damn’. Just looking at it, it was such a huge change,” Andrew said.


“The confidence I have now compared to when my hair was like that… such a difference.”


Watch the entire Gro Hair Restoration Journeys webinar below, or find out more about our clients’ results.


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