3 Unexpected Results From Micro-transplant Hair Transplant

3 Unexpected Results From Micro-transplant Hair Transplant

The obvious benefit from having a micro-transplant hair transplant procedure is the visible hair restoration result. Hair is thicker and the hairline aesthetically corrected and redesigned to compliment the face and restore youthfulness.  

Having great hair and the result from a successful hair restoration procedure can be so much more than superficial. It can affect a person right to their core. We discuss the top 3 unexpected, subliminal results (but perhaps just as important as the evident results) from a micro-transplant hair restoration procedure. But first, let’s talk about the psychological effects of hair loss.

3 Unexpected Results From Micro-transplant Hair Transplant

The Psychological Effects Of Hair Loss

It is reported that over 60% of men who experience hair loss suffer negative psychological effects. Many men report becoming socially withdrawn because they are self-conscious about their appearance. The negative emotions that hair loss can cause include:

  • feeling less attractive
  • fear of becoming bald
  • fear of getting old
  • loss of self-confidence
  • depression

People suffering from hair loss may be susceptible to higher than normal levels of depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, stress is a common trigger for hair loss and may make the condition worse. The psychological impacts of hair loss on self-image can also have broader social and emotional implications, such as marital problems and conflict at work.

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Top 3 Subliminal Results

  1. Pep in your step – typically, when you look younger, you feel younger. Micro-transplant hair transplant can take years off your perceived age by restoring a more youthful appearance.
  2. Confidence – the majority of our patients admit that they feel more confident. Even if they are already confident people, having great hair can give a real boost. Having choice as to how you style your hair can re-new self-confidence.
  3. More relaxed – we know that hair loss and going bald can cause stress and anxiety, especially when hair loss is noticeable at a young age. Taking charge of your hair loss by taking action and restoring your hair can negate feelings of depression, anxiety and stress, leading to a happier, more relaxed you!


What Is Micro-transplant Hair Transplant?

The only permanent solution to hair loss is hair transplant or hair implantation. The procedure involves taking healthy hair (donor) follicles from areas of the scalp that aren’t affected by baldness, such as on the back and sides of the head, and are non-surgically inserted one by one into the treatment area. Because the donor follicles are genetically resistant to balding, they will continue to produce hair for the rest of your life.

Hair Transplant Before & After Photos

hair transplant patient

before and after photo

hair transplant before and after photo

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The advantages of hair transplant using refined direct implantation technique over traditional FUE hair transplants include:

  • The Gro micro FUE technique is the most refined hair transplant technique.
  • Consistently achieve over 95% follicle survival rates (meaning you will need less hairs transplanted).
  • Only Gro doctors perform the procedure from start to finish.
  • Precise control over the depth, angle and direction of every hair.
  • Natural results are guaranteed.
  • Minimal recovery time (no scars or stitches).

Patients often report an improvement in their emotional well-being, feel more confident and more attractive. Gro hair growth specialist for a correct diagnosis and let us help you look and feel your best. Simply click on one of the buttons below, or call us on 1300 787 563.

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