How Not To Lose Hair With A Hair Transplant

How Not To Lose Hair With A Hair Transplant

It’s pretty grim when a hair restoration treatment results in less hair than what you started with. How can this happen? It has everything to do with follicle (hair) survival rate. We often hear the term “success rate” with hair transplants, but the “success rate” is often very misleading. If we think of “success” as future hair growth, then virtually everyone will have “success” as at least some of the implanted hairs will continue to grow.

What is more pertinent to know is the follicle “survival rate” which is the number of transplanted hairs that survive, to produce permanent hair growth.

Gro Procrastination on Hair Loss

Success vs Survival Rates

Why is the hair or follicle survival rate so important in a hair transplant? Let’s look at an example; say you need 4,000 hairs to correct your hair loss. If the procedure has a high survival rate (e.g. 95%), your doctor would transplant around 4,200 hairs. Another clinic may tell you that you need 5,500 hairs for the same procedure. Getting “more for your money” may feel like a better deal, however if only 60% of them survive, you end up with just 3,300 hairs that will continue to grow. This is less than the 4,000 that you needed to correct the hair loss and you have 2,200 less hairs than what you started with!   

Each of us has a limited number of available donor hairs, so it is important not to over-harvest your lifetime ‘bank’ of donor hair follicles in your first hair transplant session. It is critical to consider survival rate over success rate when weighing up hair transplant options.


Why Gro Has Industry Leading Survival Rates

Hair Implantation using the most refined hair transplant technique, consistently achieving over 95% follicle survival rate. To achieve highest follicle survival rates, micro-transplant involves:

  • Minimum handling of the follicles.
  • Hairs are kept in a special growth solution (HypothermosolTM) while waiting to be transplanted.
  • Hairs are never divided as this could cause trauma.
  • All procedures are completed from start to finish by our highly experienced and trained doctors.

Not only does the Gro micro-transplant Technique achieve the highest follicle survival rates, we are the only clinic in Australia to guarantee natural results.


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