Precautions we are taking and opportunities available

The health of our medical team and clients is our top priority during this time of COVID-19.

We have implemented rigorous rules for our team while they are in and out of our clinics. In addition to adhering to the general advice from health authorities, we have a long list of additional measures to keep everyone healthy. For example, we are not using public transport to commute to work, and team members who are not required at the clinic, are now working from home.

The situation has helped us enhance our client experience recently in many ways:

  1. For stopping hair loss and thickening up what you’ve got
    We now offer video consultations with our hair specialist doctors online for you if you are looking to stop your hair loss, or thicken up what you have. Bring any questions you may have, and as long as you’re eligible, the doctor will prescribe the most suitable treatment for you to Gro your hair without stepping out of the comfort of your home. Treatments start from $1.50 a day.
  2. For gro’ing back hair that you have already lost
    1. video consultations are now available with our hair growth specialists for you if you have lost a fair bit of hair already and now want it back. On this call you will have an opportunity to discuss your hair goals and have tailored information on how Gro hair transplant procedure could be the solution for your hair loss. All this also available now without the need of stepping out of your home.  Answer 3 questions here to see if Gro online clinic the right option for you.
    2. an average Gro hair transplant patient would normally take 5-7 days off work following their session. Now that most of Kiwi’s are starting to work from home anyway, we have seen an increasing number of people grabbing this opportunity. You can work from home while your hair follicles are recovering from the procedure.

Answer 3 questions here to see if Gro In-clinic treatments will best meet your hair goals.

In order to respond to the increase in demand, our doctors have added some extra days into our hair transplant procedure calendar at all our clinics.

Our vision is to help you feel confident so you can focus on making your dreams come true.

This can be only done with a healthy team. And we need your help keeping it that way too. So please respect our increased hygiene rules when entering our clinics.

Stay safe
The team at Gro


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