Ashley & Martin vs Gro – What’s The Difference?

Over the years, Ashley & Martin have successfully built a brand associated with hair loss treatment. According to the CEO of Ashley & Martin, “2010 data shows that 70% of hair loss industry marketing is Ashley and Martin’s.” This shows that they spend a huge budget on marketing and brand awareness, but what about the quality of solutions and results?

With today’s increasingly significant emphasis on health and natural solutions, taking hair loss medications or a daily hair loss prevention routine may not be suitable for everyone. We explain the similarities and differences between Ashley & Martin (A&M) and Gro NZ hair loss prevention and solutions.

Initial Consultation

A&M, and we at Gro, are similar at this stage of hair loss treatment in that we both communicate that an initial consultation for a medical diagnosis is imperative to understand your particular symptoms and concerns. We both offer a complimentary consultation.

Where we differ is that you will be asked to come into a clinic for the most accurate diagnosis. We do not offer online consultations due to the increased risk of a misdiagnosis.

Treatment Solutions

A&M offer early stage, advanced stage and final stage hair loss options, however only the early stage option is available in-house. The early stage treatment involves “a combination of speciality cleansing products, prescribed medications, natural supplements, therapeutic treatments and on-going support” according to Ashley & Martin. This option involves a high level of ongoing commitment and medications. Not a suitable option for anyone sensitive or adverse to taking drugs every day or anyone who can’t commit to a daily maintenance routine.

People seeking advanced stage and final stage treatments with A&M can be referred to the relevant company for a hair transplant or hair system.

At Gro, for preventative treatments, we offer PRP Growth Factor Therapy and for hair loss correction, we offer the most advanced and most delicate hair transplant technique with industry-leading hair follicle survival rates. 

Gro platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment stimulates the scalp to endorse hair growth. Treatment involves separating the growth factors from your own blood and then injecting the plasma into the scalp where it is needed. Gro PRP is ideal for male and female patients, despite the progress of their hair loss.

A Gro hair transplant, or microsurgery, is a permanent solution for your hair loss with life-long results, avoiding the need for ongoing drugs and maintenance routines.

Gro procedures are completed from start to finish by a Certified Doctor, with ongoing training and certification through the London Hair Restoration Academy, ensuring consistency and quality. The technique involves minimum handling of the follicles, resulting in consistent follicle survival rates above 90% vs industry rates that fluctuate between 50-90%. High follicle survival rate means less donor hairs are needed.

The patented technique that our Certified Doctors use is the most delicate hair transplant method meaning no stitches, no detectable scarring, virtually pain-free treatment and a short recovery time. We are the only hair transplant clinics in New Zealand to use HypothermosolTM in our hair transplants, sustaining the survival rate of the hairs by up to 100%.

Importantly, we are the only clinic to GUARANTEE natural results. Our unique implantation tool allows for the precise control of the angle, direction and depth of the implanted hair unlike any other hair transplant technique. Your results are guaranteed to look natural. Results can be seen in the before and after pictures below.


Cost is one of the main considerations when selecting a solution. Due to the ongoing nature of A&M treatment, the total cost may be unknown or indefinite.

In contrast, Direct Implantation is a permanent solution and an investment in life-long results.

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Diagnosis & Consultation

The first step is to book a consultation for a correct diagnosis for your hair loss and the opportunity to discuss treatment options. Gro are the hair restoration specialists and have over 48 years’ experience. All procedures are performed by a highly-skilled Certified Gro Doctor. You can contact a hair restoration specialist in any of our Gro clinics for hair transplant Auckland.

To book an appointment for your hair loss diagnosis, simply click on one of the buttons below to book a consultation online now or ask a question. Alternatively, you can call Gro New Zealand on (09) 887 4474.

For further information see Gro before and after photos and hair restoration cost.

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