Who are we?

Previously known as DHI New Zealand, we re-branded and renamed as Gro to reflect our sole focus of helping you to Gro your own hair back and our expanded focus on all hair loss solutions. We have helped many hair loss sufferers through education and research and development, finding better solutions for our patients and only recruiting the highest level of educated doctors and hair specialists.

The Gro Difference

The Gro difference is in our holistic care system which takes psychological, mathematical, artistic and medical aspects into consideration when tailoring a treatment plan for each individual patient.

DHI Technique: Direct Implantation

At Gro we use the most refined hair transplant technique available – the DHI Technique. This combines the best of micro-fue and direct implantation meaning: No cutting, No stitching, No visible scars. Our method is a 2 step method: Extraction and Implantation. Extraction: With our delicate and high technology tools we are able to obtain your hairs without cutting into your skin. Implantation: Our specially designed implantation tool directly implants the hair into your scalp without having to puncture holes first, enabling the best survival rate of the hairs as well as having the correct angle, giving you a more natural look. This is not like other methods such as FUE or Strip Surgery; ours is less invasive.


Gro Natural Results

100% guaranteed natural results. 100% your own natural hair –  no wigs or synthetics. We have a consistency of over 90% survival rate for all hair follicles that will grow for a lifetime.



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If you are looking for more information on a hair transplant treatment  or information specific to you, two of our most popular pages are hair transplant cost and hair transplant before and after images.